Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Leap Motion Gesture controller for Unity

Hi all!

Sorry for posting so late after publishing, but things have been hectic lately -good hectic, that is :) We have been working hard on our upcoming mobile cross-platform multiplayer game, and it is on the verge of completion. And if that wasn't enough, I've been helping out other developers with two awesome SDKs (more on this later), as well as preparing our next plugin; so not exactly lazying around, are we?

But first things first, I'm happy to announce the Unity Asset Store accepted our third submission: Easy Leap Motion Gestures and Starter Kit.

ELMG is a plugin that process the input received from the device and lets you detect a collection of gestures far beyond the predefined ones. It is as easy as start listening for gestures, and then the plugin will send you notifications whenever they happen, together with some data to make them more useful (things like position, state, and so on).

So check it out here and get a copy! And if you think we should implement a particular gesture, join the discussion.


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