Friday, 31 May 2013

Easy Cross-Platform Notifications for Unity

I have recently submitted my first contribution to the Unity Asset Store and is now pending of approval!

It's an entire end-to-end guide on how to implement Push Notifications (in the Apple world) and Google Cloud Messages (on android) on an existing Unity Project. It includes all the necessary code as well as a complete guide on how to configure your environment to make it all go.

Fingers crossed, it will be reviewed and approved soon :)

Stay tuned!

Update: As of today 08/06/2013 you can find the asset in the store! Here is the link

Monday, 27 May 2013

Welcome to my humble corner


My name is Carlos Fernandez Musoles. I am a game developer currently working on an upcoming cross-platform multiplayer game designed to rock your socks off!!

I love gaming, new technologies, sports, movies and reading.

This is a new blog I opened to share my professional progress as a freelance programmer and a game developer. Soon I'll have my first entry -a package submitted to the Unity Asset Store, pending approval.

For more details about me, please check out my profile