Thursday, 8 August 2013

Easy Google Play Game Service - Unity Plugin

Unity Plugin - available now!

I am very pleased to announce I have finished and polished my new Unity plugin: Easy Google Play Game Service, which will allow you to harness the power of the new Google Play Game Service API from within your Unity projects!

In its current version (v1.1) it can handle the following functionality on iOS , Android and WebPlayer projects:
    •    Sign in using Google + account
    •    Display your game leaderboards and submit scores
    •    Introduce achievements in your game
    •    Make use of Cloud Saves
    •    Real-time multiplayer (android only). No need for servers!
    •    Anti-piracy feature (only android)

More coming via updates:
    •    OS X and Windows compatibility
    •    More flexibility when positioning android toast messages
    •    Further API control –as Google API expands

The plugin comes with a full guide that will help you setting it all up on each of the platforms supported, as well as a description of the full API.


    •    You need Unity Android / iOS for mobile projects (works with basic licenses)
    •    For iOS builds, you need a Mac with XCode 4.5 or higher
    •    For android: for technical reasons the plugin overrides the main Unity Activity. Any other third party plugin that does so will not be compatible with this plugin.
    •    For iOS: the plugin makes use of PostprocessBuildPlayer. If you have any other plugin that uses this (if you have a file with that name under Assets>Editor) then you may have to merge them to keep compatibility with both assets

The plugin is available to purchase from this page :)

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