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08/11/2013 - Gunnimals - iOS and android game

The day is finally here! We've managed to push and push and in the end released our first ever game! Gunnimals has made us a very proud father, and we will continue working on it to deliver a truly awesome online battle experience.

Gunnimals is a Free-2-Play 3D online multiplayer cross platform artillery game that rescues Gorillas concept and brings it to the 21st century and to your touch screen...

... And this time is wild! Chickens with fire extinguishers, whales throwing bananas, dynamite-eating frogs leaping around, bullet men from the circus, and of course, farting skunks, indigested seagulls, burping fishes and more!

The animal world is looking for a new king; will you have what it takes to be the best Gunnimal on the Planet?

It's currently available on android, and very very soon it will be on iOS too -pending approval. 

03/10/2013 - Easy Leap Motion Gestures and Starter Kit

ELMG is a plugin that process the input received from the device and lets you detect a collection of gestures far beyond the predefined ones. It is as easy as start listening for gestures, and then the plugin will send you notifications whenever they happen, together with some data to make them more useful (things like position, state, and so on).

Check it out here.

15/08/2013 - Easy Google Play Game Services API for Unity 3D

Easy Google Play Game Service allows you to harness the power of the new Google Play Game Service API from within your Unity projects!
In its current version (v1.1) it can handle the following functionality on iOS , Android and WebPlayer projects:
    •    Sign in using Google + account
    •    Display your game leaderboards and submit scores
    •    Introduce achievements in your game
    •    Make use of Cloud Saves
    •    Real-time multiplayer (android only). No need for servers!
    •    Anti-piracy feature (only android)

Want to know more? Click here.

 31/07/2013 - Ouya game: Avoid This Asteroid!

Genre: Arcade/Pinball, Play w/Friends, Retro

A.T.A. is a simple yet fun arcade local multiplayer game. The mechanics are very straightforward: Command your spaceship skillfully, avoid dangerous asteroids and collect items to help you score more points than your rivals -but hurry, the last one will get axed at the end of every round!

This is officially my first released game, so you can imagine how proud and scared I must be! So... what are you doing still reading this? Reach the power up button on your Ouya and download the game now!

04/07/2013 - Unity Asset Store: Easy Local Android Notifications

Now you can master android notifications with my new package: Easy Local Android Notifications. Ever wanted to have the convenience of the iOS builtin NotificationServices class in your android apps? Now you can! With it you will be able to send private messages from you app to your user's notifications bar, and all with a single plugin call!

Fire individual messages, set an initial delay or schedule repeating notifications, all easily within the plugin! Find a purchase link here

08/06/2013 - Unity Asset Store: Easy Cross Platform Notifications

You can now download and play with the new Easy Cross-Platform Notifications system I created for Unity. With it you can set up your own Remote Notification system in Android and in iOS in your Unity project. No hassle, no platform specifics, just set it up and use it to send cross-platform notifications!

Here you can find the link to purchase it.

What it can do:
- Send messages from and to android / iOS devices through the Apple Push Notifications Server and the Google Cloud Messaging service.
- Full working Unity plugin -just call its functions to send messages, register devices...
- Guide through the entire process of setting up your own Remote Notifications Server -no need to rely on third party services which will limit the number of messages you can send, or will charge you for it.
- All code is included!

Soon I'll be posting about an upcoming cross-platform multiplayer mobile game.

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