Friday, 20 June 2014

World Cup Runner for android and iOS released

After a few weeks of development, Atomized Ltd and Amir Hosein Jahanlou are proud to present our new mobile game:

World Cup Runner - Android and iOS

The game is not just a 2D endless runner, it's a global competition where you can help your country win the world cup! Worried about your team not having the chances you think they deserve in Brazil 2014? Download World Cup Runner and play for your team, contribute to their success and win the trophy!

AWESOME features:
- Select any of the 32 World Cup teams
- Play your way through the Group Phase, Best 16, Quarter finals, Semi finals and the mighty Final
- Any scores you get will contribute to your country's total -make a difference!
- Unlock funny items and play with style
As of today, 20th of June 2014 the game is available on Google Play and it will be released for iOS and other devices very very soon!

Here are some screenshots to tickle your curiosity ;P


Special thanks to SAE Dubai Institute for their support!

Thanks a lot!

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