Friday, 31 May 2013

Easy Cross-Platform Notifications for Unity

I have recently submitted my first contribution to the Unity Asset Store and is now pending of approval!

It's an entire end-to-end guide on how to implement Push Notifications (in the Apple world) and Google Cloud Messages (on android) on an existing Unity Project. It includes all the necessary code as well as a complete guide on how to configure your environment to make it all go.

Fingers crossed, it will be reviewed and approved soon :)

Stay tuned!

Update: As of today 08/06/2013 you can find the asset in the store! Here is the link


  1. So this is essentially a push notification that can be sent from the server (rather than a local push.) I could use this to tell uses a new update is out etc?

    1. Also do you plan on updating this to work with Windows phone and blackberry? I'd be happy to test these out for you ;-)

    2. Hi Chad,

      Well, it is a push notification service that you can use for anything you want! The built-in behaviour is sending a message from one of the registered devices (within Unity) to all other registered devices (using your server to communicate with Google/Apple), but you can definitely call the function either from a PHP script on your server -to release updates- or from a custom Unity build you have (directly from your phone/tablet to all your users).

      Hope this helps.


      PS: I have no plans regarding Windows phone and blackberry -I currently have no bandwidth to do so. But it's something I've considered and may be on the cards for the future. Glad I can count on your help ;P

  2. hi,
    Can you please post the guide pdf file so i can see it before buy?

    1. Hi David,

      Absolutely, just send me a note to my email so I can attach it and send it over:

      carlos.fernandez.musoles (at)


  3. Hello
    Everything is working up to android 7. For use it on Android 8 Oreo I have to add some lines into and recompile it using API 26 or higher.
    Can you help me to search jar to replace android.service-v4.jar? Old one has no some functions like setChannelId.